Diagnostic Help Needed on NA 88 5KSQ

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Wed Dec 18 21:54:49 EST 2002

b1biker writes:
> Just spent the past 5 days rebuilding the drivers side front suspension.
> Took the car out for a test drive, all seemed well but it was really low on
> fuel. On my way to the station it started to sputter and didn't have any
> power when pulling away from stop lights. I filled up thinking that it was
> just not getting adequate fuel supply. After fueling I took the car out for
> a long drive. It runs fine at stable speeds but lacks power for
> acceleration; it seems that it is missing under hard acceleration. I haven't
> had time to check out anything under the hood but plan to do so tomorrow.
> Any advice from the list as to what to check first will be greatly
> appreciated.

Maybe the fuel filter got clogged from junk in the bottom of the tank.

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