Boston area body shop :(

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Thu Dec 19 14:17:33 EST 2002

I can recommend Tremont St Auto body in Revere, probably not far from Dicks
as the crow flies.  If you go there within the next 10 days, you will
probably see a 95 point UrQ undergoing some touch up.  They have painted 2
of my cars and will do my 91 200TQA when I get it.  Ned Bennett has seen
their handy work on my UrQ and Vette and can comment.  The person you want
to speak to is Billy Jackson. 617 387 2150.  They get pretty booked but I be
surprised it it is until MAy.

My body shop of choice, Dicks Auto Body in Somerville, will look at the car
on Tuesday, but doesn't think they'll be able to schedule me in till *May*.

Can anyone recommend a *very* good body shop in the Boston/metrowest area.

Recommendations appreciated, both places to go, and places to avoid.

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