Accusations of "intruding politics" and "racism" on the board

Michael Riebs / AudiV8 AudiV8 at
Thu Dec 19 10:52:53 EST 2002

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From: "Sean Ford" <audi_99_a6q at>

> You lucky SOB! I wish I could get my wife to stop driving my Audi! ;-)

I found a way to do just that - I BOUGHT HER HER OWN!!!!   :-)

> --- Ray Rollins <rollins_ray at> wrote:
> > I second that! Lets end this and get back to old Audi issues. Like my
> > battery being drained in less than 24 hours and my wife refusing to drive it
> > anymore :(

Michael L. Riebs
Grand Rapids, Michigan

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