New S4 wheels on type 44?

Evgeny Sokolovsky esokolov at
Thu Dec 19 11:39:35 EST 2002

Has anyone tried to fit 2000+ S4 AVUS wheels on pre-91 type 44?
They are, AFAIK, 7.5x17" ET45, same offset as stock wheels.  I am thinking
about getting the bigger wheels for my recently acquired '89
200tqa with possible future BIRA brake upgrade im mind.
Does anyone know  if these particular ones with 205/50-17 tires will fit
without rubbing anything? Any other suggestions which 16 or 17" wheels to


'89 200TQA 183K Miles Euro headlights, 200q20v rear brakes upgrade.
'87 5KCSTQ 187K Miles 1.8 bar
'01 VW Golf TDI

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