Febreeze NOT good for Audi

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Thu Dec 19 12:51:27 EST 2002

At 05:17 PM 12/19/2002 +0000, j fizz wrote:
>i thought i would chime in that i was asking around [list, upholsery shops]
>about redoing my headliner [88 90] and i heard froma  few sources that the
>audi headliner [the fiberboard panel glued to the roof] is more or less
>impossible to get off w/out deystroying it. i had a very well regarded
>upholsterer who has done several audi/vw's tell me this.
>i thought id pass it on as you may not want to try to take out the actual
>board, unles youre willing to get a new one from the dealer [i can only
>imagine what they charge..]

Bentley description of removal procedure describes taking off things like
light fixtures, grabbars, window trims, etc., and then says to cut the
headboard into several sections.

I've read here about buying a new headboard from the dealer for not too bad
a cost.

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