christmasexhaust stud r&r /torque for head bolts?

scott thomas scott at
Thu Dec 19 14:16:17 EST 2002

Well, looks like I'll be using the thick washers underneath the
shouldered nuts :)

Next question, I don't want to do this job again and am afraid of the
bolts loosening. Do I need blue loctite for the nuts? I'm definately
not going to use the red on the studs, as per another's

Too bad the entire job (with new head and turbo and oil lines) was
done just before I got the car. To make it easy, I might just pull
one of the mc1 heads out of my storage unit, along with one of my
uncracked exhaust manifolds and build them up to be ready. I just
need to swap the cams and the intake manifold. Any cons in swapping
the cams, but not the bearings? While I'm there, I'll swap the
lifters out of the head that's on the car (known good) to the
replacement. The replacement doesn't have too many miles, but just
want to be sure.

Torque specs for the head bolts are needed, too. I'll go in stages,

A funny conversation with Rod @TPC yesterday:
So Rod, what do you drive? I had an 87.5 Coupe, but I didn't have
enough time to drive it anymore. We had a chuckle about the old Audis
being the only cars you don't have enough time to drive because of
things like this that come up :)

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