christmasexhaust stud r&r /torque for head bolts?

Huw Powell human747 at
Thu Dec 19 14:34:25 EST 2002

> Well, looks like I'll be using the thick washers underneath the
> shouldered nuts :)
> Next question, I don't want to do this job again and am afraid of the
> bolts loosening. Do I need blue loctite for the nuts? I'm definately
> not going to use the red on the studs, as per another's
> recommendation.

We used red loctite (I think, yeah, it looked like blood...) on
Brendan's, although I suspect these compounds probably don't last long
under those conditions.  I haven't heard of any adverse effects, but
this also wasn't a turbo application.

> Too bad the entire job (with new head and turbo and oil lines) was
> done just before I got the car. To make it easy, I might just pull
> one of the mc1 heads out of my storage unit, along with one of my
> uncracked exhaust manifolds and build them up to be ready. I just
> need to swap the cams and the intake manifold. Any cons in swapping
> the cams, but not the bearings?

Do not swap the bearings.  They are line bored on the head, and are not
interchangeable, and use them in the same location they were in
originally.  The cams are.

Huw Powell

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