Cold Start Devices

Huw Powell human747 at
Thu Dec 19 16:08:03 EST 2002

> Which one of these are for the cold start signal to the control pressure
> actuator that is mounted to the bottom of the radiator flange upper hose?

the one above.  the white one.  It's not so much for a "cold start
signal" as a temperature sender for the ECU in general.  They go bad.
All of Ben's go bad, at least.  I haven't seen one fail... but they are
cheap and it's nice to know you have a new one.

You should also perform the ignominious (gross) task of undoing every
electrical connection in your engine bay one at a time, clean them, and
reassemble with dielectric grease.  I might have said that somewhere
before in the archives or on my web site...


and I think that one is the thermotime sender for the cold start valve.

operating without part numbers here, of course, so take this with a
grain of salt!  But, if these are actual 4kq parts (say), that is what
they are.  I think.

Huw Powell

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