MC oil pressure update: What the Gods want...

james accordino ssgacc at
Thu Dec 19 14:43:55 EST 2002

I seemed to remember his post was NO oil pressure.
The problem I see with your thoughts on the crack is
that it would have to be Titanic in size or a blow
hole near a main gallery to get NO pressure.  I think
I could drill a half dozen 1/4" holes in the galleries
and STILL pull 35 lbs. of pressure at speed.  I just
wanted him to try one more thing before he goes crazy.
 You may be right and that's exactly what it is, but
I'd be VERY surprised and would love to know the size
and location of the crack.

My $.02
Jim Accordino
ps- I'm NOT criticizing you, O.K.?

--- Marc Swanson <mswanson at> wrote:
> > The problem is that short of a defect in the
> block, I cannot think of what
> > I'll need to look at once the engine is out.
> that's what I think you will be looking for at this
> point.
> Given that you have checked just about everything
> else I would pull the
> motor, strip it down to the bare block and send it
> out for a magnaflux
> treatment.  While you are at it you may want to
> check the head too.
> That certainly the best way to make sure that the
> block/head isn't
> fubar.  I'm willing to bet that you will find a nice
> crack in there
> somewhere, although I'm surprised you wouldn't get
> oil in coolant as a
> result.  So if there is a crack it would have to be
> from oil supply
> galley to oil return galley.
> > Another option would be to snap up a junkyard MC
> motor locally and install
> > it "as is" for comparison. Obviously a ton of work
> to end up with a junkyard
> > engine with unknown history that would be
> questionable in the future.
> Well, at this point no matter what the outcome of
> your magnaflux
> treatment you are going to want to have a spare
> motor handy.  If you
> find cracks you are going to need a block which you
> can add all your new
> parts to.  If you don't find cracks you will want to
> use the junkyard
> motor complete as-is just to maintain your sanity!
> > Either way, I'm going to have pull the engine.
> Crap.
> looks like it.  Sorry.
> > Any thoughts?  Anyone else want to take a guess
> before I napalm the thing?
> > I'm getting very frustrated about this one.  Any
> advice would be greatly
> > appreciated.  I'd have to move quickly if I'm
> going to pull the other motor
> > in the yard since they're going to shutdown
> between Xmas and New Year's...
> You'll be spending most of the holidays just
> removing the engine and
> stripping the block unless you move like Nate Stuart
> ;-)
> If I were in your shoes I would be looking for a
> spare motor if nothing
> else just to have something to compare to.
> So in summary:
> -get junkyard motor
> -remove your current motor
> -strip the block
> -magnaflux
> if(magnaflux ok) {
> 	-install junkyard motor as-is.
> 	- sacrifice bad motor to Audi gods
> }
> else {
> 	-strip junkyard motor to bare block
> 	-hone if necessary
> 	-install all your new parts
> 	-re-install it and sacrifice old block to Audi gods
> }
> either way, sounds like the Audi gods want a
> sacrifice :-/
> Anyhow, that's my .02
> Good luck, and let us know how it turns out!
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