audi 80 bass module

Per Lindgren lindgre at
Fri Dec 20 00:35:22 EST 2002

It looks interesting, it is different, but I feel that you might get a
bit too much bass in the driver's position if you dont have a system
that lets you adjust it in almost any way thinkable. I would rather get
the door-pocket panels that allows you to install speakers. I cant
remember exactly, but was it 8" speakers that fit in there? The late
Cabrios uses some that are similar, and I know that these has been
mentioned here on the list earlier. I cant remember who makes/sells them.

87 Cq

Alan Pritchard wrote:

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>Hi guys, just found this on ebay...
>has anyone encountered this before? (I thought about making exactly this)
>currently my car audi-o consists of 4" replacements up front, replacement 7"
>in the rear deck, and a small 8" bass tube (I cant afford to lose boot
>space).  So I had considered 6.5" subs in the front pockets, or this looked
>intriguing, any comments??
>Best Regards,
>Alan Pritchard
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