Accusations of "intruding politics" and "racism" on the board

james accordino ssgacc at
Thu Dec 19 15:52:25 EST 2002

--- David Eaton <deaton at> wrote:
> bollocks.  there was a rational discussion on snow
> driving

amen brother.

> customary "last word".  i have long ago given up on
> trying to educate some
> people, others haven't - this thread has since
> continued on the torsen list
> with other contributors, not including myself.

you noticed that too?  Is he STILL talking?

> this sort of discussion is *not* territory for the
> torsen list, it *is*
> territory for the quattro list.  i accept that the
> excesses of the past wrt
> meaningless debates on the torsen cannot be
> repeated.  nor have they been.
> rational discussions on this topic are a part of
> this list.

I agree, cautioning that statement with where and how
far it goes.

Jim Accordino

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