broken stud removal

james accordino ssgacc at
Thu Dec 19 16:54:34 EST 2002

Depends.  Is any of the stud protruding from the head?
Enough to get a set of ViseGrips on?  Soak that sucker
in Kroil.  Notice that I didn't say WD-40?  Maybe some
heat?  Work it back and forth slowly.  You CAN get it
out without drilling.  This is a disaster.  The head
is aluminum (soft) and the stud is treated steel
(hard).  Guess wherer the drill wants to go?  CAN you
do it?  Yes.  Do you WANT to?  NO!  If you can remove
it, that's definitely the way to go.  IMHO.

Jim Accordino

--- scott thomas <scott at> wrote:
> Oh yeah, I have at least one broken exhaust stud.
> Just drill, retap,
> and install the replacement stud, or do I have to
> drill it oversize
> to accept a heli coil?
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