Fwd: chains required driving conditions

DANNEOPOOCH at aol.com DANNEOPOOCH at aol.com
Thu Dec 19 20:04:59 EST 2002


From: DANNEOPOOCH at aol.com
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 20:03:52 EST
Subject: Re: chains required driving conditions
To: tuckersmith at onewest.net

only if you have m&s rated tires.
if you have all season tires you maybe exempt but patrick might feel safer
with chains on. i live in south lake tahoe and my bigest fear on the road is
an inexperienced driver who thinks he is invincable with 4wd. as we all know
awd helps you go, not stop.
now if patrick has new tires and experience driving in the snow, he will be

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