Gasket between body and heater box

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Thu Dec 19 20:15:00 EST 2002

431 819 225  (photo album for 200q20v, which looks identical to the ones in
my 5ktq's)

Many posts have appeared here about using houshold self-adhesive foams from
building centers.  I used some automotive body sealer that comes in sticky
strips and "never" dries out, figuring the next removal would be that much

At 12:35 AM 12/20/2002 +0100, Eyvind Spangen wrote:
>Can somebody give me the part number for the gasket between the body
>and the heater box on a type 44? I have to replace the heater core, so
>I guess I need a new gasket too..
>E. Spangen
>'86 Audi 100 2.2 CS quattro

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