TFA lookup request, re: Eurovan cranks and stroker thoughts

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Thu Dec 19 19:25:16 EST 2002


I would like to determine if the gas and diesel 5 cylinder 2.5 liter Eurovan cranks are the
same part.  Could someone please look it up in the family album?

Or, if anyone has any info on these cranks, I would be interested in hearing about it.  So far I
have been able to determine from the archives and other posts that they are 95.5mm stroke,
and the Eurovan (gas?) rods are 155mm long with a 24mm wrist pin.  They must be forged
like the Audi ones, right?

Apparently the rod journals are the same on the gas and diesel cranks, and they are huge.
If they don't need to be as huge as they are for a turbo, say 20v application, should they be
turned down to reduce some weight?  Or, should they be left huge?  Not to get insane, but if
they don't need to be so huge, would it be possible or desirable to turn them down
eccentrically to get even more stroke?  How much is too much?  I know the Audi motors are
undersquare as it is.  Perhaps it would be worthwhile to actually go the other way and
decrease the stroke a tad?

What is the best piston pin size for a high performance 20vt?

Here are some posts I found:

Interestingly, the Eurospec stroker kits with the 95.5mm stroke use a taller block,
presumably the Eurovan one.  Yet, the Audi Driver article describes they using the existing
ur-S4 block, I believe.  I do understand/think that the internals of the block need to be
clearanced for the larger throw, if it can be used at all with the 95.5mm stroke.

If one were to use the taller Eurovan block, say on a 20vt motor, how difficult would it be to
get a workable timing belt situation?

Funny how what started out as a gas vs. diesel crank part number question turned into this
post.  The Audi Driver article that was posted was what piqued my curiosity.



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