source for bolster cushion replacement, please

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Thu Dec 19 22:19:50 EST 2002

Whats a "bolster"?  The foam padding?
Try local car reupholstery shops. They will have all kinds of foam shapes .
.and anything else pertaining to fixing seats.

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> Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 18:43:13 -0500
> From: Konstantin Bogach <kbogach at>
> Subject: source for bolster cushion replacement, please.
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> I took apart driver seat (Recaro) in my 200tq  with main purpose to
> repair left bolster.  Ok.. easy part is done.   Now, how to repair it?
> Would I be able to find close match cushion?  Where to look?  I saw
> posts that dealer sell them for $110. It is not an option. For now, at
> least.  Anybody know smarter(read cheaper, even though it is not always
> the same) way?   Yes... the problem with cushion is that it is split and
> frame metal part comes right through to the leather (of  course, what
> else can happen to it?).
> Any hint will be appreciated.
> Konstantin Bogach.
> 200tq '89
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