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IF your O2 sensor is the style with the ribbed black hard plastic sheathing
at the SENSOR end of the harness, splicing either with either a mechanical
joint or chemical joint WILL NOT WORK.

ALL O2 sensors must have a way of sampling the ambient air and comparing it
with the air inside the exhaust manifold. For a long time, engineers simply
left a small opening at the top of the sensor (near where the wires come
out) for sampling ambient air.

The NEW O2 sensors (with the sealed sheath) no longer sample ambient air at
the sensor. They actually get a fresh air sample from the INSIDE of the ECM.
How? They actually draw a sample of fresh air from inside the ECM THROUGH
the wires going to the sensor, INSIDE the insulation covering the wrapped
wire strands. This sample must get through the O2 sensor connector (under
the hood) without being contaminated.

This is why Stabilent 22A, nor any other 'electrical connector enhancers'
are to be used on these connections. Just as well, Making air tight crimp
connections that allowed correct air flow would be very difficult, and a
soldier connection would obviously block sampling.

Unfortunately, the only workable repair FOR THESE SENSORS, is a NEW HARNESS.


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