O2 O 2 Sensor info solder splice joint

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You have got to be kidding me...

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> IF your O2 sensor is the style with the ribbed black hard plastic
> at the SENSOR end of the harness, splicing either with either a mechanical
> joint or chemical joint WILL NOT WORK.
> ALL O2 sensors must have a way of sampling the ambient air and comparing
> with the air inside the exhaust manifold. For a long time, engineers
> left a small opening at the top of the sensor (near where the wires come
> out) for sampling ambient air.
> The NEW O2 sensors (with the sealed sheath) no longer sample ambient air
> the sensor. They actually get a fresh air sample from the INSIDE of the
> How? They actually draw a sample of fresh air from inside the ECM THROUGH
> the wires going to the sensor, INSIDE the insulation covering the wrapped
> wire strands. This sample must get through the O2 sensor connector (under
> the hood) without being contaminated.
> This is why Stabilent 22A, nor any other 'electrical connector enhancers'
> are to be used on these connections. Just as well, Making air tight crimp
> connections that allowed correct air flow would be very difficult, and a
> soldier connection would obviously block sampling.
> Unfortunately, the only workable repair FOR THESE SENSORS, is a NEW
> :)~
> toolphile
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