Buzzing Fuel Pump? 88 90q

Richard Beels dare2dream at
Fri Dec 20 02:52:25 EST 2002

Ayup...  Sorry, left the sig off.

Additionally, the father-in-law has the same experience.  Don't know why
our experiences are different but I doubt it's the weather since he's in
NEPA and I'm there half the time as well...

At 12/19/2002 at 18:28, Shakespearean monkeys danced on james accordino's
keyboard and said:
>Do you have the out of tank pump?  Your experience is
>the exact oposite of mine and other posters.  I have
>intank pumps (type 44) and my Bosch pump made in Czech
>Republic was noisy out of the box and died within 2
>yrs.  My original lasted over 10 yrs. and 200k miles
>and was quieter until death than the new one was.  Two
>people just recently posted that their new Pierburg
>intanks were "silent".  I don't know, I haven't used
>one.  I think I'd be willing to give it a shot though.
>Jim Accordino

	North of Philly, PA
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