Strange badge engineering

Jim Haseltine Jim at
Fri Dec 20 13:38:02 EST 2002

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From: "Craig D. Niederst" <niederst at>

> My guess would be shoddy work by a bodyshop. I see badges out of place >on
cars all the time around here. You'd think owners would notice...

Remember when cars had their names in individual letters? Each letter had
its mounting pins in different places so they would only fit on the panels
in a particular order.

Nothing to do with the reading/writing grade of the average Monkey Lad......

Years ago a friend of mine had his Lotus Sunbeam sign-written for an
up-coming rally season - he wasn't happy when he discovered the phoned
instructions had been misheard - across both the rear wings were the words
'Lotus Tin Can' where he was expecting to see 'Lotus Twin Cam'.

Jim Haseltine

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