Fallout from Centerforce clutch install

DeWitt Harrison Six-Rs at attbi.com
Fri Dec 20 10:09:15 EST 2002

My recently documented lightweight flywheel conversion was
occasioned by a failed release bearing, a.k.a. throw out bearing.
It turned out that one of the bearing mounting ears had collapsed
allowing the bearing to cock to one side. My conclusion is that
the additional actuation effort of the modified pressure plate
led to the premature (55 k miles) failure of this part. The newer
style release mechanism, per the '89 - '91 200s, avoids this
design weakness in the bearing mount.

The newly installed clutch is stock since I did not have time to
have a unit modified. Although I did not think of the Centerforce
setup as requiring much pedal effort, the stock clutch effort is
almost zero by comparison. It's like stepping on a marshmallow.
I'm amazed at how the Audi engineers were able to design such
light clutch pedal feel.

As an aside to any who may have read my flywheel conversion
post, don't be too concerned about the weird disclaimer at the
end. I must admit to having been a bit in my cups at the time.
The disclaimer should have said something like "Although the
information provided is believed to be accurate and reliable,
use it at your own risk. Your results are not guaranteed."
Sorry about that.


DeWitt Harrison
'88 5kcstq

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