chains required driving conditions

Patrick Opsahl patrick_opsahl at
Fri Dec 20 09:46:19 EST 2002

All, This is excellent news.  I have been a skier for 20 years and didn't
even know when I bought my used 1998 A6 quattro last year, what a perfect
ski vehicle it is.  Now the test.  I am now living near Modesto CA, planning
to go to Kirkwood first then on to Tahoe areas.
Being originnally from Colorado I have kept all of my previous vehicles
chains, so I'll find a set for the A6 and store them in the trunk.

The owners manual says:
Vehicle Care section - Snow chains can be used on the front wheels only.
Only use chains with fine pitch links protruding no more than 1/2 inch / 15
mm from tire tread and side walls, including tensioner.
Vehicle Operation section - The anti-slip regulation (ASR) should be
switched off in certain circumstances where wheel spin is of advantage: -
when driving with snow chains.
So, as most responses stated, I should have RTFB before asking the question.
1998 A6 Quattro, 95K miles, new timing belt, snow bound

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