New Audi Addition

Perry, Christoper (EDS) chris.perry at
Fri Dec 20 11:52:45 EST 2002

My Folks just bought a 99 A6 2.8 sedan last night.  Car is a lease return
from Florida with 54000 miles.  It still smells new.
They paid $21,400, which seems to be very good for the Seattle area.  Our
prices here seem to be several thousand above other places.

I haven't driven it yet but I did ride back to the dealership and I must say
that that 2.8 does a lot with only 200HP.  I was impressed at the low end
torque and my parents, coming from a 95 Passat 2.0 8v, were giddy.  The car
has all the service stamps from the Audi dealer in FL and the last service
was in August and included Air filter, Brake fluid and Oil.  Unfortunately
the Nissan dealership they got it from changed the oil again when they got
it and used Quaker State and I haven't found out what filter but, needless
to say, that will be changed ASAP.

I like the size but I will hold out for a 2.7T.

Chris Perry
Network Design & Engineering
EDS at Weyerhaeuser
chris.perry at
(253) 924-3857

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