I5 head bolt tightening facts right?

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All of the audi specs I have seen have *always* said never to retorque the
headbolts.  I have only worked on the NA cars. Someone correct me if I am
wrong, but this holds true for the turbo cars too.  The extra turns are also
specified as a single half turn with 2 1/4's being OK.  I did not want to
give you the specs from my factory manual since they are not for the MC2
engine, but clarify the retorqueing spec.


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This is what I was able to pull of the audifans search from head bolt
1.tighten to 30 ft lbs
2.then to 44
3.1/4 turn with a breaker bar
4.warm engine, one more 1/4
5.1,000 miles, then 1/4

Is this right?

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