source for bolster cushion replacement, please.

Konstantin Bogach kbogach at
Fri Dec 20 19:38:11 EST 2002

Lccal dealer quoted me for $28 after 15% discount.  Not bad!  It is just
foam cushion for bolster.
Another question:  are sport seats made by Recaro?  I thought so, but I
came across a context which made me think that I might be wrong.  Is the
Recaro seats and Audi sport seats are same thing?

Thanks  to all.
Konstantin Bogach

Brett Dikeman wrote:

> >I saw posts that dealer sell them for $110.
> Jeez.  That's almost a steal, in my book.  I mean, they're damn nice
> seats, and how often does one need to replace pieces of 'em anyway?
> Okay, the real question is- what does that include?  Just the foam?
> That would be kinda expensive :-)
> Curious,
> Brett
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