chains required driving conditions

j fizz iin10ded at
Sat Dec 21 00:43:55 EST 2002

posting a little late here.. but thought id post up.

in 3 years of rolling SF to tahoe in an audi ive never had to put chains on
my car. ive heard that, depending on conditions they will force awd's/4wd's
to put on chains, but ive yet to encounter it [and ive driven up there in
about as bad weather as it gets]. ive also heard that dedicated snow tires
and 4wd/awd will totally exonerate you from chaindom. maybe a tahoe area
lister can clear this up for me?

my 5000 with worn sp5000's was unreal in the snow. if i did really dumb sh!t
i could get it to slide oh-so-nicely. im curious to see how the 90 stacks
up. i'll find out tonight!


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