TYP 89 - Smoked Taillights

Tom Nas tnas at euronet.nl
Sat Dec 21 08:45:30 EST 2002

Mike Robinson <quattrofan at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

>I came across a rare set of the smoked European rear lights for my 90q.
>Do any California listers know the law on smoked taillights?  The bulbs of
>course are orange and red.  I plan on installing these regardless of their
>legality.  I just want to know 100% with the vehicle code # if I am pulled
>over because of it.

Hmmmm... those would look great on a dark-coloured car. Anyway- if they're
the real thing, light output should equal the originals. The only other
regulation here in Europe for cars with blacked-out taillights is that you
should mount some red reflectors on your car, to replace those originally
in the taillight units.

I have a set of original Treser tinted taillights for the type 44 lying
around (the only good thing to come out of Treser?) but these have no fog
light. Do your type 89 taillights have a fog light? Should be in the centre
bit, to the left of the licence plate cutout.

Regards, Tom

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