New front wheel bearing

Tom Nas tnas at
Sat Dec 21 14:44:31 EST 2002

Hi all,

Finally, my daily driver 80's front wheel bearing has been changed! Helped
by (or rather: I helped) a good friend in the workshop of the VW/Audi
dealership where he works, it took no more than an hour. Not before time
either, the play was so huge that the brake disc had scored through the
brake backplate in a coupla places.
When we took the inner race off the hub (two tyre irons made that easy) we
found that a previous monkey lad had ground an inner race off, severely
soring the hub. @#$#%@#$! Anyway, the car's a lot more comfortable now and
really quiet...

Now I need to visit the scrapyard to find a replacement for the inlet on
the air filter housing ('87 carbed 1.8, has a paper hose coming from the
manifold taking in hot air when it's cold out). I lost the hose a while
ago, it took the inlet with it. That should cure the bucking ride I get at
the current just-above-0 C temps we're having.

After that I hope to get my new exhaust, full SS cat-back to my own design.
That'll really quieten it.

Long-term job: new valve stem seals. It's starting to get really thirsty
for oil...

'78 80GLS automatic two-door 85,000 km
'78 80GLX four-door 187,000 km
'87 80 1.8 282,000 km
'88 90q 2.3E 215,000 km

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