Strange badge engineering

Tom Nas tnas at
Sat Dec 21 15:42:00 EST 2002

Per Lindgren <lindgre at> wrote:

>That reminds me of a classic US boat I see in the summertime here. It's
>a 1958 Ford Edsel convertible. The letters in the grill usually says
>"Edsel" from top to bottom, vertically. Tis owner has reomved one of the
>Es and rearranged the other letters so it says "SLED". I couldnt have
>said it better myself!

Friend of mine used to run an old Escort Van with the lettering rearranged
to read 'C O R S E T'.
And two weeks ago I was in the daily traffic jam behind a crappy old Opel
Corsa TR (the sedan kind) with the badges cut and shut to read 'OPA'
(grandpa)- very appropriate for the vehicle.


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