step1:exhaust r&r complete

scott thomas scott at
Sat Dec 21 11:42:42 EST 2002

I took the uncracked and unwarped exhaust off my kh turbo cylinder
head. Next, I diassembled the mc1 head/intake/exhaust. The exaust and
all of the studs came off without a single hitch. Only two studs
remained and they came off easily by using two exhaust nuts with the
shoulders facing each other. Just to be safe, I kept going back and
forth to clean the threads and allow some lube to get in there. The
stud holes were shiny and clean, so I'm going to leave it the way it

Additionally, I'm lucky the previous owner of the 5ktq did a half
assed job of reassembling the upper end; all of the intake bolts were
a tad over hand tight, with two missing. I guess that's why I had a
rich mixture.

I'm still out on wether to use loctite blue or red, or nothing on the
studs. The reason why I'm doing this job is because one stud kept
backing out (even though I had a broken one). It wasn't the nut, but
the stud. Chances are, I'll go without.

For the folks that do use loctite, red or blue, and how long has your
setup held up for? Loctite on the nuts, too? I know that the assembly
get way hotter than the loctite can handle, but just wanted to know.

Next, I'm not so worried about the entire job as I am about
reinstalling the assembly myself. That thing is heavy! I just don't
want to damage the head gasket. Any BTDT'S? Also, I'm gonna be doing
my timing belt along with the job. I have a breaker bar and pipe and
I'm going to go the monkey lad route and leave it in gear with the
brakes applied or use the starter. The latter is a trick I've don'e
several times by mistake; I forgot the ratchet on the crank nut and
started the engine. It works, though

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