New front wheel bearing

Tom Nas tnas at
Sat Dec 21 18:11:51 EST 2002

At 08:47 21-12-02 -0800, John Larson wrote:
>I suggest the inner race has worn away, not been the subject of a "monkey
>lad"s grinding adventure.  If you let a noisy wheel bearing go too long,
>that's an inevitable result.  In this case, the monkey lad was the operator.
>No offense, Tom, but that would be  you  .......  John

I was wondering about that, but my mechanic friend and his colleague told
me it was clearly grinding damage. Just one score mark and there was a
grinding pattern. About 3-4 mm wide, about 1 mm deep and 'snaking' in
shape, with rounded ends. Looked like it was made by an angle grinder, on
close observation. Didn't bing my digital camera or I'd have photographed it.

Actually, besides the damage to the brake back plate, there was no evidence
of my prolonged use with a bad wheel bearing.


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