Strut stop bushings for A6 Bilstein shocks

Bob Rossato bob.rossato at
Sat Dec 21 12:17:11 EST 2002

Yes, the bilstein front struts have an integrated bump stop so you do not
reuse the factory one.  The bilstein strut is designed to be upside down,
which is why the shaft is a much larger diameter, and the bump stop is built
into the bottom of the strut cartridge.  With the regard to the dust boot,
you just use the original factory piece.  The dust boot picks up on the
outer diameter of the top spring plate and therefore is not affected by the
piston diameter.  This is the case on the C4 chassis.  You didn't mention if
this was a C4 or C5 based A6, but I'm assuming the same would be the case on
the C5.  Double check to be sure.  And don't bother with the aftermarket
dust boots that the different vendors sell.  Just get it at the dealer.
They're around $12 each.  I found the aftermarket ones don't fit very well
on the bottom clip and keep coming off the retainer.


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> George,
> If the Bilsteins have a bigger shaft than the stock shocks (i.e. they are
> of the Sprint variety or maybe it's called differently in the US?) you
> don't need any bump stops or stock dust boots. The bump stops are
> integrated in the strut cartridge and you have to use the
> Bilstein-supplied
> dust boots.
> HTH,
> Mihnea
> At 10:30 21/12/2002 -0500, George Kotjarapgolus wrote:
> >My mechanic was installing the new Bilstein strut inserts and
> just called me
> >to say the shaft on the new Bilsteins is larger than the hole on the old
> >rubber strut stop.  I tried calling APS but they are closed.
> One would not
> >think we are to discard them, but APS never said anything about needing
> >special stops.  In fact, I had bought 2 new ones only to find
> out they will
> >not work with the Bilstein.  Does anyone have any wisdom here.  I recall
> >some earlier saying they had a problem installing the Bilstein but do not
> >recall their resolution.
> >
> >Do anyone have any thoughts her.  Bilstein tech department does not open
> >until Monday
> >
> >George Kotjarapoglus  gkot at

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