step1:exhaust r&r complete

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Sat Dec 21 12:28:22 EST 2002

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<<I'm still out on wether to use loctite blue or red, or nothing on the
studs. The reason why I'm doing this job is because one stud kept
backing out (even though I had a broken one). It wasn't the nut, but
the stud. Chances are, I'll go without.>>

Scott, I use Blue on the studs only, the studs are buried in the cyl head, it
will not get too hot to burn off loctite blue or red, red's a little
aggressive and those studs are finicky the way it is.  I use blue as standard
and it prevents all backing out problems that are very common with these
cars.  Going without will mean you may find missing studs ocassionally as the
do get loose.  The other good measure is to use NEW locking nuts as they are
more secure than reused nuts.  Any locking compound on the nut will burn off,
its useless there.

> <<Next, I'm not so worried about the entire job as I am about
> reinstalling the assembly myself. That thing is heavy! >>

You should find a helper to help lift it, don't try doing your self, one
false move and you could have a nice gouge in the bottom of your head.

<<> my timing belt along with the job. I have a breaker bar and pipe and
> I'm going to go the monkey lad route and leave it in gear with the
> brakes applied or use the starter. >>

A bolt fits nicely in a drivers side tranny hole that engages the flywheel, a
much better method IMO, lemme know if you have any questions.



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