Olympic 1988 5TQ Sequel

Dr. Ian McArthur sutul at telusplanet.net
Sat Dec 21 12:44:24 EST 2002

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A merry Christmas sequel to my previous post regarding the 1988 Calgary
Winter Olympics special edition 5000 Quattros:

1.  For those of you who requested pictures of the cars, let me know if you
still want them and I will email them to you privately.

2. I now have TWO Olympic sedans!!!  This morning we went to visit our
neighbors for Christmas drinks and I discovered (in their wonderful 40' x
60' shop) ANOTHER red Olympic sedan.  My wife found it a couple of weeks ago
and bought it for me for Christmas.  I thought I was getting more socks.
Everyone in the neighborhood except me knew the car was parked there for the
last couple of weeks.  Nice present, eh (as we say in Canada).

3. Since I bought my wife a ice new digital camera for Christmas, we have a
bunch of nice new photos of the cars.  This makes four 5TQs.  I have the two
Olympic sedans, my cousin has the Olympic Avant, and we have another Avant
parts car (not an Olympic version, but beggars can't be choosers).

4.  If any of you want a few pictures, let me know.

Hey, this is a very merry Christmas in Alberta Quattro country.  The only
problem is we don't have any snow, so I can't show off the three cars in a
Dr. Ian McArthur, Consulting by Acronym, Cochrane, Alberta
sutul at telusplanet.net

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