chances my 200q has a 2 piece EM?

scott thomas scott at
Sun Dec 22 13:44:58 EST 2002

1990 200q...What are the chances I have a 2 piece exhaust manifold on
it? Did they come from the factory, or were they replacements for
cracked ones?

I took a manifold from my storage unit that wasn't cracked or warped.
 From my 84 5kt. I ran it around *hard* at 2 bar for a couple of years
with no trouble, so I figure at about 200k miles, it would've cracked
by now.

I'm not sure if I'll reuse my current EM that's on the car. I'll
decide which one is straighter, along with the one on the car being a
2 or 1 piece, and if it's cracked.

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