Michael A.Carr m_wdsllc at bigplanet.com
Sun Dec 22 16:05:42 EST 2002

Some petty tyrant with nothing better to do....
or, some frustrated gas thief ( I keep my cap locked)
or some enemy lookin to give me grief???
Dunno..but who ever....
Some one purposefully opened and bent ALL the way vigorously back the
door to the gas cap on my car in the night !
The spring on it is gone and the bottom corner is now all bent out of
shape, with the paint all cracked off!

So.... if I knew how the spring attached itself here I wouldn't mind
fixing it and all...there's always something......any one have a diagram
or a close-up picture they could email me?

Or....any one have a parts car....1985 5KS Alpine White, willing to sell
me a replacement?

Falla lalla la, la,......lalla la la la

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