type 44 charging issues - the plot thickens

Keith Lawyer wbr90 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 22 14:24:03 EST 2002

I really need help on this one.

Review: '90 200 not charging, alt lite not working
when key first turned on.

I pulled the alt lite bulb and tested, it tests good
and lites when power is applied.  No visible corrosion
anywhere I can see.

Reinstalled bulb, re-connected instrument cluster.
Still no alt lite when I turn the key on.  *Pushed on
bulb from behind* (wiggle test basically) and it lit!
Ok, started car.  Still not charging.  Turned off,
turned key back to ON, no alt lite again.  No amount
of pushing/playing with or around bulb will make it

Cannot get alt to charge even if revved to 3500

Exciter wire connection by "jumper" post in engine
compartment looks good.  Disconnected, I do have a
ground from the alt to the connector, which I
understand is correct from reading the archives.  This
ground should become a positive once the car is

Not sure how to test for continuity from the connector
to the instrument cluster.

Why, even when my alt lite does lite, do I not get a
charge??  I'm lost altogether.

And the strange humming I'm hearing when the alt lite
does not come on - I don't think that's the ISV.  Its'
something deeper and louder.  The one time I did get
the alt lite to work, this hum went away slowly and
deliberately, like climate control shutting down - but
it wasn't.

Keith L

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