90 200tqa rough idling problem, please help

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 22 14:25:05 EST 2002


 I've been having a problem with the idle on my 200tq
for the past couple of days it all started when I went
to the store I engaged the e-brake (to leave the car
running cause it was cold out)
and forgot that the car was in gear so i let my foot
off the clutch and the car lurched forward,
 but I was able to engage the clutch quick enough to
leave the car still running, & thats what I did but
with the car in neutral. So after getting out of the
store and driving down the street i noticed that my
check engine light was flashing,
so after getting to my friends hose I pulled the codes
and got 2113 Hall sender but everything looks good as
far as checks for that I'm thinking that when I forgot
that the car was in gear (earlier at the store) that
that through off one of the sensors on top of the bell
housing refering to the Ignition timing, or RPM
sensors? Is that plausable?
 Any help out there?.
90 200tqa 214k many mods

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