82 Coupe solid or vented rotors?

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Sun Dec 22 22:26:08 EST 2002

> Picked up new aftermarket front rotors for the 82.  They were vented.  Old
> rotor is solid.
> When I slide new rotor on spindle it rubs the shield cuz it is a fair bit
> thicker than the solid.
> Wrong parts listed for the 82 or ?

yup.  The '82 uses the cheesy little solid rotor.  By '84 you have the
vented rotor of the same diameter on 4x100.  I think it uses the same
rotor, with thinner pads maybe?  I didn't think it would hit the sheild
though, but then again I never tried it.

'85 and on get a larger rotor, vented, on 4x108.

you can use the '85 on caliper (4kq caliper as well) on your coupe with
16v scirocco rotors which are 4x100, it is a worthwhile improvement.

Huw Powell



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