4000/Coupe engine bolts

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Sun Dec 22 22:28:10 EST 2002

> Turns out that the M8X35 measurement wasn't correct for the two bolts
> that hold the back timing belt shield on.  It seems like it should be an
> 8 but it doesn't fit.  Maybe it is a 6?

Yes, they are 6 mm bolts.

>  Anyone have any idea what the
> sizes on these bolts should be?

the reason I never popped up with an authoritative reply on this is that
the fiche and family pix are both rather unclear in this one area.

you need a "handful" of various length 6 mm bolts, but I never did it in
a way that made me remember to take notes.

Huw Powell



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