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Sun Dec 22 21:53:57 EST 2002

I was just doing some math, trying to figure out how much "extra" Eurospec is charging for
their 2.6 liter stroker kit.  I found a 95.5mm Eurovan crank I would be able to use, for about
$300.  If I were to buy Eurospec's H-beam rods and JE pistons, instead of getting their
complete stroker kit, it would almost cost the same.

I was surprised to see that assuming their pricing for the pistons and rods are reasonable,
they are not over-charging for the crank and all the thought that's gone into putting their kit

The stroker kit describes these specs:

SPECS. BORE/ STROKE	2555cc  82.50 X 95.5
APPLICATION			2550cc four valve dish 8.5:1 Non knock / Turbo
PRICE				$2,250.00

If one were to buy rods that seem to be the right ones in their catalog, these would be the

Application	5 CYL 220mm Block
Part Number	ECR 198 144 EA/5
Length		144mm
Weight		600gr
Wrist Pin	20mm
Rod Bore	48mm
Bolt size	3/8"
Price		$812.00

The pistons that would seem to go into the same type of setup are these:

Application	4V 5CYL 221.35mm
Part Number	EFP 107 2683 5VT
Bore		83
Stroke		95.5
Displacement	2337
Rod length	144
Pin Dia.	20
Comp. Height	28
Comp. Ratio	8.5.1
Type	 	Dished
Price		$1,025.00

So, a $300 Eurovan crank, $812 Eurospec rods, and $1025 JE pistons would add up to
$2137.  The stroker kit is at $2250.  Damn close I thought.

I guess the only way to get this type of a setup cheaper would be to get better deals on the
rods and pistons.  I think the crank is pretty reasonable at $300, but I've never bought a
crank before.

I guess the rods might be optional, depending on how much power is wanted.

Speaking of rods, I got some information regarding the beautiful Autoverde rods that are
pictured on  They are available in the U.S. through a dealer of that
companys steering pumps.

Here is the quote, actually:

"I can sell you a set of rods thro my pump dealer the cost is
195 USD per ea + freight and import tax the freight is about 50 USD
and tax is 3.7 %

I have Audi rods ready in the end of January !!"

So, these rods are, as I suspected, expensive.  They do look quite nice.  Here's a nice pic of

That place has them listed at 2680 SEK, which at the time Daniel the owner of the website was kind enough to do some research in Swedish on these
for me, said translated to about $300 USD each.  So, the price above doesn't seem back in
comparison to that price.

What other options are there for rods?  I know ECS Tuning offers Carillo rods, but I don't
know how much they are.  Am I looking in the right places for the best prices for this stuff?

It seems like at a minimum, in order to be able to run a 20v head on a 10v block, let's say
without a stroker 95.5mm crank, and run a reasonable 8.5:1 compression ratio for a turbo, I
would need the pistons.  In this example, the correct pistons would be, I think:

Application	4V 5CYL 221.35mm
Part Number	EFP 107 2309 4V8.5:1
Bore		82.5
Stroke		86.4
Displacement	2309
Rod length	144
Pin Dia.	20
Comp. Height	32.82
Comp. Ratio	8.5:1
Type		Dished
Price		$1,025.00

Would those pistons above, or pistons like them, be all that is needed to run 8.5:1
compression ratio with an MC-1 block, crank, and rods, and a 7A head?

Shouldn't those pistons cost closer to $700, or even $800?  I couldn't find it just now, but I
thought Marc Swanson had some info on his site on how much his stuff cost him.



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