OT: Colo cyclists - ride over Xmas?

Keith Lawyer wbr90 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 22 20:53:53 EST 2002

I'm gonna be in the Denver/Fort Collins area the 24th
thru the 29th.  I've been off the bike far too much
these past few weeks (this whole weekend was shot
chasing charging issues on my 200), so I might like to
get in a ride or two while up there.

Anyone in the Fort Collins area avail to ride Xmas day
the 25th or possibly the 27th?

Anyone in the Denver/Parker area wanna ride Saturday
the 28th?

I have no idea where the good road rides are up there.
 Would be looking for probably no more than 2 hours,
but I'm flexible.  Terrain is irrelevant, climbs or
flats I don't care.

Hit me off-list

Keith L
getting slower everyday........

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