In-situ flywheel timing pin replacement

R Mangas porter_dog at
Mon Dec 23 10:15:35 EST 2002

I realize you've got a workable solution already, but if it was me I'd
probably try heating the area first and then blasting the pin with the
freeze spray available at electronic shops.  That way you can replace the
pin with a factory part.


>From: "Alan Kramer" <ackramer at>
>To: quattro at
>Subject: In-situ flywheel timing pin replacement
>Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 09:15:14 -0500
>I've got a need for a creative solution here...   Have a car with a timing
>pin that's now only 5mm long.  It should be 12mm.  Problem is that it no
>longer passes in front of the crank position sensor so the CPS no longer
>picks it up.
>I'd like to fix this w/o pulling the tranny.  I have decent access to it
>through the starter hole.
>Obviously it's a snug fit and a simple pull w/ vice grips ain't gonna work.
>I don't think heat would help because it would make both the hole and pin
>expand.  I guess liquid nitrogen or something might work, but that's an
>unlikely solution.
>And the pin's real hard, so breaking it will be easy.  But because it's
>it'll probably be a pain to drill out in place.
>I tried threading it with a 4mm die, but the metal seems to hard to start
>threads on.
>I also thought one of those nut extractors would work well, but I haven't
>been able to find one as small as the pin.  The smallest I've found is
>5/16ths (8mm), the pin is 4mm.
>The other thought I have is to snap off the pin and weld a cut-to-length 16
>penny nail (head against flywheel) over top the broken pin.  It looks like
>have plenty of room to fit my mig gun in there.  Admittedly a "rig" but it
>will save me a day or two's worth of work pulling this tranny.
>I'd also thought of moving the sensor slightly, maybe I could weld up the
>upper sensor bracket hole and re-drill another one a few mm to the left of
>the original one.
>Any other thoughts?
>Alan Kramer
>'83 CGT 20vt
>'86 4kcsq
>'90 v8q
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