88 90 - rad fan wont turn off

j fizz iin10ded at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 23 18:54:06 EST 2002

thanks, ti

>No, the radiator fan is not controlled by the multi-function thermo
>sensor.  It has its own thermoswitch located at the radiator.  Also,
>having the A/C compressor on will also run the fan at low speed.

i know the ac will turn the fan on low... but it was staying on full blast.
im beginning to suspect the rain has done a bit of damage.. just now the
rear defroster is inop. i seem to have several gremlins.

>Make sure your A/C is off, then, unplug the electrical connections to
>your radiator thermoswitch, and if the fan turns off, then your
>thermoswitch ist kaput.  If the fan still runs even with the switch
>disconnected, then the radiator fan relay is probably stuck on.

ill try that. i dont know why these problems seem so much harder to break
down at 730 at night on the side of the road, freezing your @ss off
troubleshooting with a keychain light. =)

>Your coolant temp gauge, on the other hand, *does* use the multi-function
>thermo sensor.  So if the gauge is erratic, there's a good chance that
>sensor is also on the blink.

and that's been on the replace roster for too long already.

thanks much for the help.


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