Away from home and losing power

Joel A. Frahm frahm at jilau1.Colorado.EDU
Mon Dec 23 13:45:52 EST 2002

Hi all, happy holidays.
I drove my 1988 Audi 90 Quattro about 1000 miles to visit my folks near
Milwaukee, and now the car isn't running right.  I think the first symptom
is that the 'check engine' light started coming on after 20 min. or so of
driving.  It doesn't some on steady, but rather flickers at a high rate.
The car also seems down on power and won't rev over 4500 RPMs.  One known
problem with the car is the multifunction temperature switch/sender.  My
inside temp gauge does not read warm until after the car has been driven
for a while, and sometimes I think it reads low.  I bought the car
recently and have not checked or changed the timing belt.  I do know it
has a new fuel pump however.

Any guesses what this might be?


Joel Frahm <frahm at>
University of Colorado, JILA

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