WTB '90 doors

DANNEOPOOCH at aol.com DANNEOPOOCH at aol.com
Mon Dec 23 15:50:46 EST 2002

Merry X-mas All,
 I just got the good news, looks like the ins. co is going to send me a
check. The 19yo that hit the side of my 90 v8q and lied to his ins. co will
be dropped from his parents policy, yeahhhhhhh. The sob had his friend lie
also. The pictures I sent were worth a thousand words, plus a couple thousand
dollars. So drive with a camera in your car.
 Anyway, I'll be looking for a drivers door and a rear door in pearl white.
Any lying around? Could be just a shell, the rest is intact. The rear door is
the most important. Anyone now what to expect to pay for one from an auto
 I'm in Nor-Cal, South Lake Tahoe to be exact, and can travel if need be, I
actually like to drive, 'cause I drive an Audi.
86 4kcsq
90 v8q
 Oh, and badge engineering? Once passed a '59 bug drive by an old couple that
had painted on the back *constipated, can't pass a thing*

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