Seat cover removable by itself?

Pat Korach tm2 at
Mon Dec 23 01:55:30 EST 2002


The seat cover will come out only with the cushion, if you can get the seat
back off.  Undo the large philips screw on each side of the seat at the pivot
 Unclip the power to the seat back motor before pulling the seat away.  A lot
easier to do this with the seat out and only takes about 10 min. to do.  The
leather is wrapped around
under the seat so you have to unhook it in about 6 places (?)  The seat should
then come
off of the frame but only with the cushion.  It is attach to the cushion with
hog rings so as
to pullthe leather down into the cushion.  I may have left something but this
is generally
how it is done.

Pat Korach
Kirkland, WA

Mikea2769 at wrote:

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> Can the bottom seat cover (not the sport seats) be removed without pulling
> the entire seat from the floor? Need to restitch leather seam in an 87
> 5kcstq.
> Mike Aiello

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