TFA lookup request, re: Eurovan cranks and stroker thoughts

JShadzi at JShadzi at
Mon Dec 23 17:28:38 EST 2002

>Interestingly, the Eurospec stroker kits with the 95.5mm stroke use a taller block,
>presumably the Eurovan one.

The Eurovan block is 16mm taller than the standar I5 block, also considered a "bubble block" due to the extra clearance built in for the longer stroke.

 >Yet, the Audi Driver article describes they using the existing
>ur-S4 block, I believe.  I do understand/think that the internals of the block need to be
>clearanced for the larger throw, if it can be used at all with the 95.5mm stroke.

That car used the normal crank and custom pistons and rods, the 95.5 will fit in the standard block, but the skirt needs clearancing, nothing fance, can be done with a die grinder, but needs to be done none the less.

>If one were to use the taller Eurovan block, say on a 20vt motor, how difficult would it be to
>get a workable timing belt situation?

Its possible, you just need to swap around parts, wost case scenario you make up a smaller idler pulley.

>Funny how what started out as a gas vs. diesel crank part number question turned into this
>post.  The Audi Driver article that was posted was what piqued my curiosity.

Ken, don't ever change, we need people like you  =)


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