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Mon Dec 23 17:38:27 EST 2002

Ok, first off I'll just say this FWIW.  I worked at Eurospec for 2 years, was one of 3 people who developed most of the I5 parts you see in there, and I wrote about 90% of the text you see on the website.  I haven't worked there since Summer of '99...

>I was just doing some math, trying to figure out how much "extra" Eurospec is charging for
>their 2.6 liter stroker kit.  I found a 95.5mm Eurovan crank I would be able to use, for about
>$300.  If I were to buy Eurospec's H-beam rods and JE pistons, instead of getting their
>complete stroker kit, it would almost cost the same.

Yes, overall the prices are not bad, they recenlty lowered a lot of the prices, they used to be much higher.  Other thing to keep in mind, a lot of the parts on that site *may* not even exist, you really have to be careful, parts like this have to be _exact_, one slight mearuement off and you will have a lot more headache than you ever imagined.

>I was surprised to see that assuming their pricing for the pistons and rods are reasonable,
>they are not over-charging for the crank and all the thought that's gone into putting their kit
>The stroker kit describes these specs:
>PART NUMBER     ESK 198 2550 4FT
>SPECS. BORE/ STROKE 2555cc  82.50 X 95.5
>APPLICATION         2550cc four valve dish 8.5:1 Non knock / Turbo
>PRICE               $2,250.00
>If one were to buy rods that seem to be the right ones in their catalog, these would be the
>Application 5 CYL 220mm Block
>Part Number ECR 198 144 EA/5
>Length      144mm
>Weight      600gr
>Wrist Pin   20mm
>Rod Bore    48mm
>Bolt size   3/8"
>Price       $812.00

That's a really good price on rods...that's a 20v wristpin size, the MC uses a 22mm pin tho.

>The pistons that would seem to go into the same type of setup are these:
>Application 4V 5CYL 221.35mm
>Part Number EFP 107 2683 5VT
>Bore        83
>Stroke      95.5
>Displacement    2337
>Rod length  144
>Pin Dia.    20
>Comp. Height    28
>Comp. Ratio 8.5.1
>Type        Dished
>Price       $1,025.00
>So, a $300 Eurovan crank, $812 Eurospec rods, and $1025 JE pistons would add up to
>$2137.  The stroker kit is at $2250.  Damn close I thought.
>I guess the only way to get this type of a setup cheaper would be to get better deals on the
>rods and pistons.  I think the crank is pretty reasonable at $300, but I've never bought a
>crank before.

Yes, that's a good price for a forged crank.

>I guess the rods might be optional, depending on how much power is wanted.

Most stock 144mm Audi rods are good to about 400hp.

>What other options are there for rods?  I know ECS Tuning offers Carillo rods, but I don't
>know how much they are.  Am I looking in the right places for the best prices for this stuff?

Go to Carillo direct, about $200 per.

>It seems like at a minimum, in order to be able to run a 20v head on a 10v block, let's say
>without a stroker 95.5mm crank, and run a reasonable 8.5:1 compression ratio for a turbo, I
>would need the pistons.  In this example, the correct pistons would be, I think:
>Application 4V 5CYL 221.35mm
>Part Number EFP 107 2309 4V8.5:1
>Bore        82.5
>Stroke      86.4
>Displacement    2309
>Rod length  144
>Pin Dia.    20
>Comp. Height    32.82
>Comp. Ratio 8.5:1
>Type        Dished
>Price       $1,025.00
>Would those pistons above, or pistons like them, be all that is needed to run 8.5:1
>compression ratio with an MC-1 block, crank, and rods, and a 7A head?

Yes, looks like it, but an MC uses 22mm pins, so that would be an issue.

>Shouldn't those pistons cost closer to $700, or even $800?  I couldn't find it just now, but I
>thought Marc Swanson had some info on his site on how much his stuff cost him.

Ya, IME you can get JE's with rings and stuff for about $800, I got Wiesco's for more like $500, you gotta shop around a little.


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