Merry Christmas

Duncan Thomson duncan at
Tue Dec 24 14:27:38 EST 2002

Just a quick Merry Christmas...!

I'm waiting out the last few hours of work before heading home for
Christmas Eve dinner and socialising...
As I sit here in one of my Audifans shirts, I just thought I'd say
thanks to you all for providing all the list's useful info and
entertainment, while I'm sitting at my desk looking like I'm working..!

This is truly an invaluable resource, and my thanks go out to all that
make this list possible, and all those who make up the community...

Oh, and from a similar list for my Porsche ( John
Dunkle, who also happens to host the audifans server/system sends his
best also... especially to Mr Simoes... hi Dan...

cheers all, and best of the season to you and yours...


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